Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy

Dr. James Tyler Kent

coverKent's Lectures are an essential for the student of homeopathy. They provide a clear and concise interpretation and analysis of the principles outlined in Hahnemann's Organon, and describe in detail the most appropriate method to establish those principles as the basis of homeopathic practice. 

We have completely reformatted the book to make it accessible on a wide range of digital devices, including Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Sony eReader and many more.   The package includes three separate files:

  • MOBI (for Kindle & MobiPocket readers),
  • EPUB (for Sony eReader, iPad, iPhone, ipod touch, Nook, Kobo etc.)
  • PDF (for computer, printing etc.)

All formats include a comprehensive navigation system, which means you can rapidly access different parts of the document, without having to scroll through from the beginning.

All versions are included in a single zip file. Price: $2.95 (USD)

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