Clarke’s Prescriber

the prescriber cover artThe third element of the Homeopath's reference library, after Materia Medica and Repertory. John Henry Clarke's Prescriber completes the triangle. When confronted with a known disease, The Prescriber will help you to focus in on the most appropriate set of remedies, and to choose the specific remedy according to the individual patient's symptom picture.

An indispensable aid to Homeopathic practice, The Prescriber has been extensively re-formatted to provide rapid navigation on eBook readers like the Kindle and Sony's eReader. A few clicks will lead you to the correct remedy in every case. Extensive cross-referencing makes it easy to track down the appropriate remedy, wherever you start the process.

The Prescriber also includes an extensive introduction, which is in itself a valuable mini-course in the art and science of Homeopathic prescription, from one of the great masters of the subject.

The package includes three separate files:

  • MOBI (for Kindle & MobiPocket readers),
  • EPUB (for Sony eReader, iPad, iPhone, ipod touch, Nook, Kobo etc.)
  • PDF (for computer, printing etc.)

All formats include a comprehensive navigation system, which means you can rapidly access different parts of the document, without having to scroll through from the beginning.

All versions are included in a single zip file. Price: $3.95 (USD)

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